Victory Services Group is a high-end recruiting firm with the recruiting expertise you need when the situation demands top professionals in the most competitive niches across the industry.  Your needs are unique.  We deliver unique talent and solutions.


The founding partners of Victory Services Group have a combined 34 years of industry experience.  Our experience comes from the foundation of what today are the largest staffing companies in the world. 

Recruiting Philosophy
Top industry talent is not recruited off the big, national job boards.  The level of talent we engage with do not return calls from corporate recruiters.  We give our clients access to the top professionals in the industry. 

We do not engage with every client who has a need.  We selectively partner with companies that value our approach to attracting top talent.  To attract top talent, we must provide access to the career opportunity challenges that the best of the best demand.  Our proven methodologies get results.

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